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Pet Arthritis Pain Management Dogs & Cats Woodlands

Pet Arthritis Pain Management Dogs & Cats - Veterinarian 242 Animal Hospital - Dogs Cats Vet Clinic The Woodlands Conroe Montgomery Willis - CAT & DOGInjuries, birth defects, and conditions like arthritis can lead to chronic pain and limited mobility for cats and dogs of any age. Alleviating your pet’s pain can greatly improve his or her quality of life and improve the relationship you have with your pet. 242 Animal Hospital A Pet Arthritis Pain Management Dogs & Cats Woodlands Vet Center is here to help you.

After a thorough examination and careful diagnosis, our Conroe, TX, veterinarian will create an effective pain management plan for your dog or cat using a combination of the following treatments:


Nutraceuticals—sometimes called functional foods—are fortified foods or isolated nutrients that have been shown to provide health benefits or offer protection from (or slow the progression of) certain diseases. For example, glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids are commonly known nutraceuticals that can mitigate arthritis pain and stiffness.


Pharmaceuticals are prescription drugs, which often provide the most effective relief from severe pain. Prescription drugs, however, must be used at appropriate doses and under a doctor’s supervision. Typically used for short-term relief, such as post-operatively, these drugs are safe when used as directed and will keep your pet comfortable while he or she recovers. Before prescribing any painkillers, our Conroe, TX, veterinarians will carefully evaluate your pet’s overall condition and risk factors.

Home Modifications

Simple home modifications can also help improve your pet’s quality of life if he or she is suffering from chronic pain. Putting the litter box where your cat can access it more readily and providing an indoor potty area lined with puppy pads are easy changes that can make your pet more comfortable. Ramps or pet stairs to help your pets reach their favorite nap spots can help them maintain their normal routines when they can no longer jump. Orthopedic and appropriately sized beds can also help your pet maintain his or her body temperature.

The compassionate team at 242 Animal Hospital welcomes your questions about pain management and will fully explain your pet’s options with you. Please call us anytime to schedule an appointment or to discuss your pet’s needs.

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