Veterinarian and
Animal Hospital
in Conroe, TX


Veterinarian and
Animal Hospital
in Conroe, TX


Veterinarian and
Animal Hospital
in Conroe, TX


Veterinarian and
Animal Hospital
in Conroe, TX

242 Animal Hospital Services

Exceptional Veterinary Care In
Conroe, TX

242 Animal Hospital is proud to provide top-notch veterinary care and emergency vet services to pet families in Conroe, The Woodlands, and the surrounding communities. The team at 242 Animal Hospital keeps your schedule in mind when thinking about your pet’s health. We offer expanded and weekend hours for your convenience. We also accept walk-in appointments and drop-off appointments, making it easier than ever for your pets to receive the care they need, when they need it. You’re welcome to leave your pet with us while you grab a coffee and run errands, and we’ll call you when your pet is ready to head home. Privately owned and operated by Dr. John Kottenstette, our highly skilled team is passionate about providing your pets with exceptional treatment in calm, caring surroundings. We strive to provide an abundantly cat-friendly atmosphere. Conveniently located across from the Harper’s Preserve neighborhood, 242 Animal Hospital offers a full spectrum of services for cats and dogs, including wellness exams, surgery, dentistry, and in-house diagnostics, among other care options. Swing by to see us or schedule an appointment today!


Veterinary Services for Dogs and Cats in The Woodlands, TX

Your Vet Servicing The Woodlands TX

Your pet deserves the best Vet servicing The Woodlands, TX, community in every phase of its life. 

242 Animal Hospital is the premier veterinary clinic servicing The Woodlands, providing the highest quality emergency veterinarian services and veterinary care to pets living in Conroe, The Woodlands, and nearby communities.

At 242 Animal Hospital, we know you have a busy schedule, so we do our best to accommodate you with extended and weekend hours. That’s why we accept walk-in appointments and drop-off appointments when you need them. You can leave your pet with us while you take care of other business, and we will call you when we complete your pet’s treatment and your pet is ready for pickup.

We want your pet to receive timely and adequate veterinary care that works for our pet families. Therefore, we strive to balance convenience and top-tier veterinary care from the best Vet servicing The Woodlands, TX.

242 Animal Hospital is privately owned and operated by Dr. John Kottenstette. The team at 242 Animal Hospital is highly skilled, professional, courteous, and passionate about their work. In addition, we provide a high level of customer service.

You’ll find the surroundings at 242 Animal Hospital are calm, caring, and very cat-friendly.

For your convenience, our 242 Animal Hospital location is right across from the  Harper’s Preserve. 

Our veterinary services include in-house diagnostics, pet surgery, pet dentistry, wellness exams, and more for cats and dogs. So make an appointment with us today, and we’ll take care of your pet’s veterinary needs.


Annual Wellness Exams

Your pet will benefit from an annual wellness exam just as we do from a yearly physical. Annual wellness exams help pets stay disease-free, happy, and active.

Animals typically experience rapid aging compared to their human families. The health of an eight-year-old dog, for example, is equivalent to a forty or fifty-something human. How often your pet needs checkups is determined by size, breed, and age.

We accomplish two primary goals during a wellness examination: prevention and early treatment of any problems found. The veterinarian will assess the current health of your pet and its past medical history. A vet might also be interested in learning more about your pet’s daily routine. After this, the Vet gives your pet a thorough checkup from head to tail.

A wellness checkup has behavioral benefits and preventative and early intervention potential. However, your pet may already be ill, and you may not know it.

Early detection and treatment of many diseases and health problems are possible thanks to the information gleaned from the wellness exam conducted by your Vet for The Woodlands, TX. 

These conditions include ear infections, obesity, dental problems, arthritis, and kidney disease.

With only a nine-year average lifespan, pets require more preventative care than their human counterparts. So if you want your pet to have many more good years with the family, this is an excellent way to avoid some of the more severe health issues that can come with old age. Particularly for senior pets, a wellness checkup is vital.

Your Vet for The Woodlands, TX, Offers In-House Pet Diagnostics

Your Vet may suggest we do Diagnostic Tests on your pet. Our pets are well-versed in hiding discomfort, so you can’t always tell from their behavior when something is wrong. At 242 Animal Hospital, we have a fully equipped in-house laboratory and diagnostic tools like our digital X-ray and ultrasound equipment for dogs and cats. So we get your results in on time. As a result, we can provide your pet with fast and effective treatment.


Tests can include bloodwork or fecal and urine tests, making it easier to determine underlying conditions. These tests tell us a lot about the health of organs and other systems in your pet’s body. We can tell, for example, where certain cancers and bacteria exist, as well as your pet’s white and red blood cell counts. 

Our Vet servicing The Woodlands, TX, with top-of-the-line radiology equipment, can determine where your pet has a tumor, broken bones, or even problems under the gums. This diagnostic tool is vital for detecting underlying heart or digestive issues too.

Another in-house diagnostic tool that is extremely valuable is our Ultrasound equipment. We use this for many situations; locating objects a pet has consumed, monitoring pet pregnancies, etc.

If you have questions about our in-house diagnostic testing, just ask your Vet.

Pet Dentistry

Canine dental disease is surprisingly common. For example, over 80% of dogs experience periodontal disease by the time they are three years old. 

The consequences of neglecting a pet’s dental health can be severe, as harmful bacteria may move into your pet’s vital organs and cause serious health issues. Therefore, we strongly recommend routine dental exams and oral hygiene procedures. In addition, it can be challenging to brush your pet’s teeth regularly, and that is why annual dental exams and thorough cleaning are required.

Some dog breeds are more inclined to gum disease than others, so we recommend dental treatment more frequently.

When your pet has his dental visit, our Vet servicing The Woodland, TX, will carry out a thorough inspection and cleaning, removing any build-up of plaque and tartar, in addition to x-rays and removal of cracked or rotten teeth. We’ll also inspect your pet’s mouth for lumps indicating other problems.

Pet Allergies

How often does your pet scratch, chew, or lick itself? These frequent actions can indicate that your pet may be allergic to something. 

Pets, just like humans, often have allergies to certain foods. Ingredients like soy, wheat, dairy, and corn may result in stomach upsets or inflamed skin if the animal is allergic to any of these ingredients.

At 242 Animal Hospital, we’ll work with you to select a diet suitable for your pet.

Suppose allergies are left untreated with resultant skin irritations. In that case, your pet may indulge in excessive scratching and biting, resulting in secondary skin infections.

Other causes of allergies may be environmental or fungal such as ringworm which will cause your pet discomfort. If you notice your pet has red or inflamed skin, please immediately seek treatment from our Vet servicing The Woodlands, TX.

Pet allergies worsen with age, unlike human allergies, which often improve with time. Common allergens are pollen, grass, mold, and dust mites. These allergies typically appear around the animal’s muzzle, eyes, and ears. In the case of an infection like ringworm, seek treatment immediately, as this can spread to your family.

At 242 Animal Hospital, our in-house laboratory can provide test results rapidly so effective treatment can be carried out.

If you are looking for the top Vet servicing The Woodlands, TX, call us at 242 Animal Hospital, and we will be happy to take care of this loved member of your family.